About Us

Eminent Global Solutions is one of the fastest growing and industry leaders providing global logistics services. Supported by a industry-leading organizational strategy, workforce, and technology platforms.


Our vision and values provide us with a code of conduct that sets the standard for our entire operation, delivering excellence in everything that we do. With the combination of people, technology and the ability to innovate means you benefit from reduced costs and waste, with increased speed and service.


As a customer, you can be confident you will receive the best end-to-end managed supply chains for the time-demanding, temperature-sensitive, movement of perishable and industrial products over the road, air, and sea.


We will be recognized for our work ethic, integrity and professionalism in delivering innovative solutions and services to our customers, exceeding excellence and expectations.

                                             Our Core Values

  • Respect – Respect is Only given…. Never requested. Never demanded. 

  • Integrity – Always dealing with our carriers, clients and our colleagues in a fair and ethical manner; gaining trust through our actions.

  • Service – Quality in everything we do, having a service-mindset when dealing with carriers and demanding a lot of ourselves. We exist to create value.

  • Knowledge – Everyday should be a learning experience. We strive to know what we don’t know.

  • Ambition - A burning desire to achieve new goals and higher standards. Determined and dedicated in all that we do. 

  • Leadership – Leadership both within the firm with respect to developing our next generation of leaders and in our communities, helping to provide a better tomorrow.

What Businesses Say

“We appreciate the professionalism and timeliness of Eminent Global Solutions .”​


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